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What? I've had a subluxation since childhood AND my child should see a chiropractor too?

Most kids have 1 or 2 subluxations. These occur from different reasons from little falls when learning to walk to bigger falls like bike wrecks to playing sports. Subluxations can occur even during the most natural of childbirths. Typically a childhood subluxation is asymptomatic, in other words there is little to no pain involved. But when these small or large bumps happen the muscle will spasm or splint to protect that nerve resulting in an unnoticed 5-10 degree lose of range of motion. These subluxations will stay there 10, 20, 30 years eventually causing the disc and nerve to slowly degenerate.


When a disc degenerates, it gets thinner and thinner possibly leading to sudden pain when bending over.


When a nerve degenerates, you will start to notice symptoms such as:

  • aches and pains
  • weakness and in-coordination
  • numbness and tingling
  • spasms and cramping


These symptoms will occur where that particular nerve innervates. Areas like the neck, arm, shoulders, buttocks, legs, etc. What people don't realize is that those same nerves effect organs as well. The nerves of the neck affect the eyes, ears, throat and sinuses. The nerves of the mid-back effect the heart, lings and stomach. The nerves of the low back effect the kidneys, bowel, bladder and sexual organs.


Preventative care may help maintain function, restore well-being, reduce risks of re-occurrence and future problems from developing.

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