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Drs. James and Kimberly are a dynamic duo when it comes to your family’s health and wellness care.

We have one simple goal: To make your life better.

We’re different.

We hear that a lot. Unlike most offices, Stones River Chiropractic is much more than just equipment and technology. Drs. Dawes care about the lives we touch each day. We’re about the migraine sufferer who just went three weeks without a headache; the athlete who wants to excel or needs to heal before the next big event. What about the new mother who is looking for a little help when her baby is having a hard time nursing or sleeping? Yes, we’re here for her too. We welcome all patients into our office, whether they are looking for maintenance, pain relief,
consultations, or realignments. We value your health. Sending our patients out of our office feeling better than they did when they walked in…that’s us. Our chiropractors are here to serve Murfreesboro and its surrounding areas.

Benefits and services.

Whether you’re looking to treat sports injuries, back, neck, and sciatic pain or enhance sports performance, Dr. Dawes will provide exceptional service for you and your family. Family wellness, prenatal and special needs care, and enhancement of overall health is just a few more benefits you will find with Murfreesboro’s best chiropractors. Stones River Chiropractic utilizes techniques such as Diversified, Thompson, Impulse, and Activator. We want to help as many people as we can to reach their full potential as a well being. All patients are welcome to consult with our chiropractors.

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Dr. James

A Canadian by birth, Dr. Dawes has spent the last 10 years building his home in Tennessee with his wife and 2 sons. He believes in chiropractic, not just for the pain relief but as a tool for maintaining a healthy body. In his spare time Dr. James loves playing basketball, coaching track & field and spending time with his dog, Ollie.

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Dr. Kimberly

Dr. Kimberly was born and raised right here in the south. After adventuring all over the world she and her family have settled right here in Murfreesboro. Her passion is providing relief for expectant mothers and treating most of our younger patients. When Dr. Kimberly isn’t in the office you can find her exploring the outdoors with her family, getting involved in community activities, or practicing yoga.

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As our office manager, Amie is best at keeping the doctors on their toes. She has been with Stones River Chiropractic since 2014 and enjoys interacting with all the patients, old & new. Outside of the office, Amie loves working out, cheering on her Predators and spending time with her husband and 2 girls.

Bethany at Murfreesboro Chiropractor Stones River Chiropractic


Bethany’s is the first face you will see when you walk in our door. She is a native to Murfreesboro, growing up right down the road in Blackman and graduating from MTSU. When she isn’t in the office she can be found at the barre, running, or spending time with Lilah, her rescue pup.

About Us

We’re different.

When you call, Bethany will be the friendly voice you hear. Although, don’t be surprised if Amie answers. If for some reason Dr. James answers, kindly remind him that, at the request of Dr. Kimberly and Amie, he is not to answer any calls.

Working Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:45 – 6:00 
Tuesday: 8:45 – 5:00 
Thursday: closed



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The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease. - BJ Palmer

Common Problems We Treat

Neck Pain

Dr. Dawes is well experienced in treating neck pain of all kinds. Neck pain can originate from poor posture, sports injuries, car accidents, computer work, texting, and numerous other causes. Dr. Dawes takes the time to examine, form a treatment plan, and support each patient while providing them with the best adjustments in Murfreesboro.

Low Back Pain

We know that low back pain plagues a big part of our community. We understand that low back pain can be triggered by picking up a sock on the floor to prolonged sitting or nonstop manual labor. Dr. Dawes is equipped to treat low back pain and recommend you with the right exercises to support the healing process out of the office.


Struggling with sciatica? You are not alone! Dr. Dawes sees many patients who are exhibiting symptoms of sciatica. He has several different techniques and exams to get to the root of the problem. Patients who are local to Murfreesboro or in Rutherford county can stop the search. We are here to help.


Headaches are a real pain in the neck. Literally, many headaches stem from tension in the neck and can be relieved more effectively by chiropractic care instead of a regimen of medicine. Not only does Dr. Dawes help alleviate headaches and neck pain, but he can prescribe key exercises and routines to help keep them at bay.

Shoulder Pain

We often see patients with shoulder pain which can be caused by multiple factors. Dr. Dawes uses several different techniques to provide pain relief and better range of motion when it comes to shoulder pain.

Hip Pain

Often, we see patients who don’t have much back pain, but hip pain is cause for a visit to our office in Murfreesboro. Whether the pain comes from the sciatic nerve or the piriformis muscle Dr. Dawes can diagnose the cause and treat the symptoms, offering patients relief where they have been experiencing hip pain for days, weeks, months, or even years.