George’s testimony

Two weeks ago, I was approached by a patient who was having a problem with his extremities.  He was losing sensation in his feet and they were becoming numb. We started treating him with cold laser therapy in our office and have had great results! But don’t just take our word for it!   “I […]

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Christmas exercises

Feeling stiff while decorating for Christmas? The holidays can bring great joy and BIG stress.  Along with that stress is sore muscles and tight joints. Here are some exercises that can help you out while you’re waiting for your upcoming appointment with Dr. James. Neck stretches– Gently tilt your head to one side, bringing your

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Why is Chiro Important in the Summer?

Tis the season for traveling, swimming, playing sports, camping, and more. Chiropractic offers us many ways to enjoy all of these activities pain free. Traveling by car, plane, boat, train, or whatever often involve sitting for long periods of time. These episodes cause back pain, stiff necks and overall soreness. Chiropractic before traveling can help

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Who has Dad’s back? We do!

Fathers are providers who are seldom heard complaining about ailments or aches and pains. Dads typically “tough it out” while carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. I have heard my mother describe my father many times as his “own worst enemy” because he never knows when to stop. Whether he is pushing

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Headshot of Brian a patient at Murfreesboro Chiropractor Stones River Chiropractic

Brian’s Story

Brian has been a steadfast patient in our practice since his first appointment. His story is very uplifting and just another affirmation of why what we do is important, rewarding, and in some cases, life changing. Read, in Brian’s words, how Dr. James Dawes has changed his life in more ways than one: I decided

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Who Needs Chiropractic Anyways?

We all know the OBVIOUS reason to see a chiropractor…PAIN.  Our office sees so many cases of neck pain, headaches, low & mid back issues, and then some. But did you know there are other reasons that adjustments are good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Increasing range of motion and correcting poor posture are great

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