Why is Chiro Important in the Summer?

Tis the season for traveling, swimming, playing sports, camping, and more. Chiropractic offers us many ways to enjoy all of these activities pain free.
Traveling by car, plane, boat, train, or whatever often involve sitting for long periods of time. These episodes cause back pain, stiff necks and overall soreness. Chiropractic before traveling can help prevent injury and improve over all mobility. And of course, we are here for afterwards too, when you have played hard and traveled far, often causing new injuries or revisiting old ones.
During the summer we have a tendency to be more active and this leads to a greater risk of increased neck and back pain. Visiting your chiropractor can relieve some aches and pains and prepare you for your next neighborhood kick ball tournament.
Outdoor activity is a huge part of the summer season. Many people turn to self care when they are trying to feel their best, and this includes being seen regularly in a chiropractic office. Chiropractic relieves joint restriction, increases blood flow and eases stiffness and pain.
Basically, the care you have with Dr. Dawes is just another way to support your overall wellness. Chiropractic can boost your immune system, support the digestive system by reducing inflammation and bloating, and help with posture (which boosts confidence).
It’s almost silly to not visit your chiropractor during the summer season. Looking your best and feeling your best go hand in hand. Allow us to help with the inside work.