Our patients are so amazing! We really appreciate the kind words.

We love everyone at this office! My kids and I see James and Kimberly and they’re both amazing. It’s always a great experience.

Dr. Dawes and Amy are amazing. I have been going there for several years along with several members of my family. I always find relief and often come away with having learned something new. Yesterday, especially, I was impressed by the fact that I called and left a message with a question for Dr. Dawes. He was out the rest of the day, but not only did my question get relayed, he called me personally the next morning with the answer! In a world where most of the time when you leave a message, you wonder if they even care or it will get passed on, much less responded to, this made my day. And it is the type of service I've come to know and appreciate!!

I started chiropractic care with Dr. Kimberly in 2014 when I was experiencing severe sciatic nerve pain during my pregnancy. I was beyond grateful when my pain subsided after just a few visits and I continued to get adjustments through my entire pregnancy. I attribute the smooth delivery of my son to the regular adjustments and excellent chiropractic care I received while pregnant. Since Dr. Kimberly only sees children and expectant moms I have transitioned to seeing Dr. James on a monthly basis. The staff at Stones River Chiropractic is both professional and friendly and I look forward to visiting their office every month.

I can not recommend Stones River Chiropractic enough!!! I was always super afraid of the chiropractor, but coming here has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! Not only do I feel better, it has also decreased my migraines. I love Dr. Dawes and Amy, they have become like family to me! You will not regret coming here!

It's really great to go to a chiropractor who is passionate and knowledgeable. I was nervous when I first went because I didn't know how I would feel after an adjustment, but Dr. Dawes was super kind to walk me through what we would do over my 12 weeks. I felt and informed and comfortable and it really made the experience. His staff is great and can't recommend this place enough!!!

Dr. Dawes and staff go above and beyond to ensure a positive patient experience. Dr. Dawes is informative and speaks in layman terms so it's easy to understand what the issues are and the best treatment plan to address those issues. Amie always greets with a smile and is very accommodating when scheduling. This practice raises the bar on patient treatment and service.

Dr. Dawes was the most thorough chiropractor I've ever been to! He explained everything, even more than I could comprehend. He took into consideration an entire life of history and was gentle/careful/compassionate. He didn't rush through my exam and took the time to explain my xrays on my followup visit as well. I highly recommend Dr. Dawes and his friendly staff.

Dr. Dawes is definitely the most educated chiropractor I've ever seen. He explains the whys and hows. He's not your typical chiropractor who tries to get you in the office 3 times a week for 6 months, he gives you exercises to do at home to improve the areas that need to be treated to help you get better. I'm so thankful that he was referred to me from friends of mine and I listened. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. I feel much better, thank you!

Stones River Chiropractic was my third and final stop for neck and back pain in Murfreesboro. Dr. Dawes has been the most helpful, thorough and personable. I always get treated in a very friendly, professional manner by everyone at his office. My back and neck have never felt better.

Dr. Dawes is always my go to! He is very knowledgeable and communicative about his profession and your treatment plan. I highly recommend him for anything from back, neck pain, to carpel tunnel. Even get treated while pregnant for a safer delivery.

Amazing! I came to see Dr. Dawes with pain in my neck and back. He quickly was able to get me aligned and back to my old self. I also casually mentioned how bad my allergies were this year. He was able to do some additional adjusting and since that day I have been BETTER than my old self. Thank you Dr. Dawes for your help and knowledge!!!

Dr. James is great. I have been going to Dr. James for about 3 years. Without him I don't know if I would be able to function as well as I do. I enjoy going to the gym and Dr. James makes it possible for me to continue to do so. The atmosphere is fun, Logan is very nice and well frankly I'm only doing this to get a bottle of syrup. HA all joking aside Dr. James is great at what he does and I will continue to go back for all the great things he does for me.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Dawes. He is truly interested in the well-being of his patients, and he is honest and upfront about how he can help you. From working with Dr. Dawes, I've learned so much about my spine and how my daily life and activities affect my body. I appreciate the fact that he gives you exercises and encourages you to play a part in your healing. I highly recommend him for acute conditions, and also for long term maintenance.

Dr. Dawes is very knowledgeable and very friendly. I was nervous about attending a chiropractor but he made me feel very at ease. They are work well with appointment setting around my busy schedule. I would highly recommend them to someone having back pain or other symptoms associated with join/bone health.

Dr. Dawes is simply amazing. Every time I see him I learn something new about the human body and how he can fix tweaks and pains. He and his wife even help infants! If you have back, leg or shoulder pain, Dr. Dawes can make you feel like new again!

Dr. Dawes is awesome. He took the time to do a complete eval before he designed a course of treatment that not only addressed my alignment issues but included a comprehensive view of my fitness and weight loss goals. A true professional. His office staff are incredible. Like the song says, it's a place "where every knows your name."

Highly recommend Stones River Chiropractic! Dr. James was great at being able to pinpoint problem areas to reduce my problems, and now through regular maintenance my initial complaint is rarely existent. In late pregnancy I transferred to the care of Dr. Kim at Stones River who specializes in Webster Chiropractic and also works with children. They made the discomfort of pregnancy so much easier to handle, alleviating various pains and realigning what was shifting out of place. Professional and friendly environment; our family always feels welcome!

Two years ago I was in a lot of pain and could barely carry on my regular life. Dr. Dawes was recommended to me by a friend and I began to see him. He has made a huge difference in my life. I can exercise and comfortably do many things my back was keeping me from doing. It is a pleasure to go there each week and the text reminders are a great thing.

My husband & I will always go to Stones River Chiro. James & Kimberly are not only skillful with adjustments and techniques, but they are also just amazing, down-to-earth people. We love the exercises, stretches, and movements we're given to do between appointments, to help with functional movement. We'll never go anywhere else for chiropractic needs.

Dr. Dawes is Amazing! The process of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and future wellness was not only demonstrated, but also fully explained in a manner that I could completely visualize and understand. Every adjustment has a purpose, and is done with ease to maximize the comfort of his patients. My back pain was so severe I could not work for several days. After the first visit I had immediate results and could return to work the next day. Over the process of the last couple of weeks the pain has all but vanished and my normal mobility has greatly increased. I truly appreciate what Dr. Dawes has done for me and my family.. If you are searching for a Dr. that understands your needs, and cares about his patients look no further. Give Dr. Dawes a call and make an appointment. You will not regret it.

New to town & in a lot of pain, I feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Dawes! After just a few adjustments, I have great relief, & know I'm right where I should be. Chronic pain is no fun...we need a path back to restored health & balance. Grateful to be on the journey to my best self again...thank you!!!!

My family loves Dr. Dawes! He fixed me up fast and keeps me maintained. He also takes the time to educate his patients. I have been to a lot of chiropractors, but never been impressed enough to stay long term. Our family will be regulars with Dr. Dawes from now on.

Dr. Dawes exhibits cutting edge knowledge in his field. I've heard him several times explain in simple terms physical remedies and how his chiropractic services can benefit. I'd highly recommend Dr. Dawes for his knowledge and ability to convert that knowledge into superb results for his clients.

Best chiropractor I've worked with. Many other chiros had insisted that I see them 4 times a week, which made no sense. Dr. Dawes agreed. I am now able to visit much less frequently with astounding results. If I ever move out of state, I will return for his care.

On my first visit to Dr. Dawes I couldn't bend down and touch my toes without my back locking up. I couldn't get down on my knees to do my job. I figured I was done, I thought I would have to change jobs because the pain was so bad I just couldn't do it anymore. After X rays and talking with Dr. Dawes he set me up with a schedule and more appointments to see if he could help me. After the second visit I felt better, after the third I knew he was doing some good so I stayed on the schedule. I'm now on a one visit a month to keep everything moving like its supposed to. And you cant forget to do the exercises between visits that's what keeps me moving freely. I truly believe if not for Dr. Dawes I wouldn't be on the job every day like I am. So if you need a great chiropractor give him a try. I think he can get you moving again.

I sought out chiropractic care because of chronic pain in my neck and upper back. My job requires a lot of heavy lifting and my discomfort was such that I was having difficulty sleeping at night. Dr. James Dawes was recommended to me by a co-worker. I have been going to Stones River Chiropractic for 3 months now and from the very first adjustment I started to notice improvement. I am very grateful for Dr. Dawes and how chiropractic care has greatly improved my quality of life!