Who has Dad’s back? We do!

Fathers are providers who are seldom heard complaining about ailments or aches and pains. Dads typically “tough it out” while carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. I have heard my mother describe my father many times as his “own worst enemy” because he never knows when to stop. Whether he is pushing himself for his family, community, or working in the yard he is always doing something. Do you know a father like that? Maybe you are married to one or have a brother who exhibits these same habits?
Often, we find that Dad has our back, but this time, lets let him know we have his. Dr. Dawes and Stones River Chiropractic are here to support our men through their pain or when they just need a tune up. Chiropractic care can lessen the risks of health problems later in life allowing uninterrupted communication throughout the body by addressing subluxations.
 Maintaining the body for future activity is just as important as tending to current pain. But if the man in your life has already pushed too far, chiropractic helps relieve pain & discomfort and is an excellent way of treating the root cause. We offer men (and women) support in helping their body’s natural ability to recover.
So this year, lets do our guys a favor. Encourage them to take care of themselves for once. Because a healthy, pain free dad is a happy dad.
Give us a call at Stones River Chiropractic and make an appointment for Dad today!