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Brian’s Story

Brian has been a steadfast patient in our practice since his first appointment. His story is very uplifting and just another affirmation of why what we do is important, rewarding, and in some cases, life changing. Read, in Brian’s words, how Dr. James Dawes has changed his life in more ways than one:

I decided to schedule a chiropractic visit after putting up with chronic back pain, or basically chronic “body” pain for way too long. I had never visited a Chiropractor and had heard many mixed reviews of visiting such a doctor. I had put up with pain and discomfort for several years, and thought it was just part of getting older. I had visited my family doctor a couple times with no real noticeable relief. I was to the point that I would pull my lower back at least once a month, my middle back was very tight with some limited movement, my neck was tight, I had headaches quite often, my left knee ached, I had what I thought was planter fasciitis in my feet, sitting and driving had become painful for my back, and my TMJ had gotten to the point of intense pain and discomfort. Dr. Dawes came very highly recommended from a friend and coworker of mine that is a current patient. After my first visit I could already tell a difference in the way my body felt, not perfect yet, but much better and I felt hope. My middle back felt freed up, my neck felt some relief, and Dr. Dawes all but cured my jaw pain associated with my TMJ!

Dr. Dawes explained that I wasn’t necessarily in horrible alignment, but he did see several areas of my spine that needed some realignment. After two months of Dr. Dawes’ professional realignment and doing my recommended exercises as prescribed; I now have no more lower back pain, haven’t pulled my back since visiting his office, neck is much better now, middle back is very mobile, haven’t had any headaches, my knee no longer aches, my feet no longer hurt, sitting and driving are no longer painful, and my TMJ is stabilized and much more tolerable. Dr. Dawes has told me that he wants to see me as little as possible to keep my spine in proper alignment. In order to assist with this goal, he has also educated me on different exercises to keep my back strong and to help keep my back and spine healthy.

Thank you, Dr. Dawes, for helping make me feel better and making everyday tasks much easier. I will continue a lifestyle of back exercises and preventative maintenance realignment visits as necessary. I would recommend any/all of my friends and family to your office!

On behalf of Stones River Chiropractic, we want to thank Brian for his candor and support of our practice.


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