Who Needs Chiropractic Anyways?

We all know the OBVIOUS reason to see a chiropractor…PAIN.  Our office sees so many cases of neck pain, headaches, low & mid back issues, and then some. But did you know there are other reasons that adjustments are good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
Increasing range of motion and correcting poor posture are great side effects of chiropractic. Not to mention, there are specific subluxations that can be addressed for issues like heart burn, indigestion, and sinus inflammation.
We often see babies for issues with colic, ear infections, and constipation.
A few other problematic areas chiropractors address are poor sleep, stiffness, sports injuries, stress and fatigue.
If you know someone who has been complaining about any of these symptoms send them our way! Or maybe they want to increase the range of their golf swing, we can help with that too! You never know what kind of change you can make in someone’s life with a referral to Dr. Dawes!