What You Should Know About Cold Laser Therapy

If I had to guess, most people are suffering with bodily pain.  From head to toe most folks have at least one part of their body that stands out as painful.  We typically start taking pain relievers for these aches and when those cease to help, we turn to medical professionals to seek out our next steps.  What if I told you there was another option?  An option that allows the body to heal itself.  Here at Stones River Chiropractic, we are excited to aid in the healing process with the introduction of Cold Laser Therapy (CLT).  CLT has been known by many different names, such as low-level laser therapy, biostimulation, low intensity laser therapy, soft laser, and photobiomodulation.  But what is this therapy exactly? I’m glad you asked!

CLT is the use of a low-level light that is absorbed by the body tissue, causing a physiological reaction.  The laser applies outputs and wavelengths to the affected area to promote regeneration in damaged cells and an increase in circulation.  Cold Laser Therapy provides pain relief without the help of medication and surgery AND can reduce inflammation and edema.

The process of CLT is very similar to that of photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is the conversion of light to energy that is released to fuel an organism’s activity.  With cold laser therapy the cells in the affected area are energized and allow for a quicker healing process.

There are many conditions that can be treated with CLT that include but are not limited to:

  • muscle & joint pain
  • stiffness associated with arthritis
  • pain associated with muscle spasms
  • hand & wrist pain that accompanies carpal tunnel syndrome
  • neck & low back pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • sprains

Cold laser therapy doesn’t hurt and won’t produce any burning or cooling effects.  However, some patients may experience a slight tingling due to the increase of blood flow in the area.  Sessions can last anywhere from 5-20 minutes.  A general rule of thumb is to being an initial treatment at 2 minutes per area and work our way up, depending on the patient’s relief.


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