How Can Chiropractic Boosts Our Immune System?

We all know that we benefit from chiropractic when injuries or everyday aches and pains are making us uncomfortable and affect our quality of life. But did you realize that being adjusted can benefit your body’s ability to fight off illness?

When we are adjusted the nervous system is given an uninterrupted connection to the brain.  When the brain receives this signal, it can communicate with the Immune System which allows the body to start attacking what ails us.  This pattern works vice versa as well.  The Immune System can detect active illnesses and tell the brain that there is a problem.  The brain can then respond to the Nervous System, letting it know it’s time to fight!

In some cases, being treated with a present cold or sinus congestion can speed up the recovery time and get you back to enjoying life as you know it!

Want to read more? Check out this article from All American Healthcare. This article contains some amazing results from a study done during the Flu Epidemic of 1917-1918.