George’s testimony

Two weeks ago, I was approached by a patient who was having a problem with his extremities.  He was losing sensation in his feet and they were becoming numb. We started treating him with cold laser therapy in our office and have had great results! But don’t just take our word for it!


“I began a series of laser treatments on both of my feet in February at Stones River Chiropractic to seek relief from non-diabetic neuropathy. I believe my neuropathy is the result of an autoimmune disorder (hypothyroidism). In addition to seeking laser treatment, I continue to routinely work out at a fitness center, walk, attend Tai Chi classes and adhere to a healthy lifestyle diet regimen. My initial laser treatment was on Friday February 2, 2024 and was administered by Ms. Amie at Stones River Chiropractic. I have had subsequent treatments on February 5, 7, 9,12, and 14. With the initial treatment I felt no sensation during the first part from the red light setting process. I did however have some tingling sensation during the Infrared setting part of the treatment. With the second treatment on2/5/24 I began feeling the red light and the sensation increased with each subsequent treatment. Likewise, with the infrared treatments, feeling and sensations were experienced with the first treatment and have markedly increased with each treatment. Although my feet are not back to normal and still feel somewhat swollen, they are no longer totally numb. I have a great deal more feeling in my feet and am most positively encouraged by the results of my laser treatments. I am pleased Dr. Dawes told me about them as a potential consideration. I want to thank Ms. Amie for her care and compassionate concern.



George Freeman”


For George, we are thankful for your trust and the relief that you have been getting from your neuropathy.


For everyone else…this treatment takes no more than 10 minutes, is done in a comfortable environment, and available right here at Stones River Chiropractic. Cold Laser therapy is an excellent choice not just for neuropathy but also back & neck pain,  strained muscles, sore joints and so much more.