So I began working out the other day to start getting back in shape. I found that my leg and calf muscles weren’t keeping up with me. So, I ended up with some severe calf cramps, which were kind of ruining my workout. It was annoying, even hard to walk around. I’d been stretching and doing all the proper things I should be, but it was just sore. Knowing that Bryson is well equipped in the therapy of cupping, I asked him to try it out on my leg.

Cupping creates suction and negative pressure directed at body tissue.  This practice has the ability to loosen tight muscles, encourage blood flow and toxin release in tissue, and sedates the nervous system; which has proven to be an excellent treatment for high blood pressure.  Not only is cupping beneficial for physical relief but is also an amazing tool for anxiety, fatigue migraines, rheumatism, and in some cases has proven to decrease the appearance of cellulite. 

  Bryson began with a circular motion over my Achilles tendon and the bottom of the muscle, where the soleus (a muscle that flexes and allows the toe to point downward) and the calf muscles attach, down near the heel. It was phenomenal. I must admit I’d never had cupping before.  It was still a little sore afterwards, but it felt better going through the same motions the next day.  The pain was nearly gone.  I am really impressed!

 I’ve talked to a few patients that have had cupping with Bryson for shoulder injuries.  One said he feels 19 again and his shoulder felt the best it had in years.  I’m just amazed! 

If you have seen the images of  Michael Phelps with his big bruises on his shoulder, that was from cupping.  A lot of athletes are using it. 

I implore you to go ahead and give cupping a try if it’s something that you’re interested in.  Give Stones River Chiropractic a call at (615) 867-6700 to set up an appointment with Bryson. It’s a really

cool therapy that I think every athlete should try!

*Check out or YouTube page to watch Dr. Dawes’s video on cupping


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