Low Back Pain

Low back pain is the number one reason for missed work worldwide. In fact, Americans spend 50 billion dollars a year dealing with low back pain AND it’s reported that 80% of the population will deal with low back pain at some time in their life. So what is it?
 Well, the low back is made of bones, ligaments, joints and muscles. You can sprain a ligament, strain a muscle, irritate a joint and rupture a disc by sports injury, accidents, or just something as simple as picking up your sock off the floor. There are other complicating factors such as arthritis, poor posture, obesity and even stress that can create imbalances in the muscles and gate. So what do you do about it?
 Well there are all sorts of different therapies out there, but spinal manipulation has really been leading the edge at low cost and high effectiveness of treating low back pain. In fact, more and more studies are coming out showing the cost-effective nature of chiropractic adjustments on low back stress and pain. Because there are so many different factors that can create low back pain, we have to examine your spine specifically in order to find different treatment options and how to prevent low back pain in the future.
 So if you’re really curious about how your low back stacks up, even if you’ve just had a couple episodes of low back pain (maybe you’re on the road to having worse back pain in the future) it’s easier to prevent something from getting worse than it is to work backwards from a really bad back ten years down the line.
 Come on in to Stones River Chiropractic in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and we’ll examine your back and show you specifically what’s going on and try to create a customized solution for you to recover from your low back pain and prevent it from happening in the future.