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The body is incredibly smart.  It wants to keep information inside the well protected vertebrae as long as it can before sending it out to the body.  For example, nerves to the arms come out of the upper neck while the nerves from the heart go down to come out of the upper back.  The ones to your stomach stay inside the nervous system, traveling through the vertebrae a little longer, coming out and through your thoracic spine.  As for the colon, sciatic nerve and legs, these send messages to come out way down by your lower back, just above the sacrum.

People often come in to our office with symptoms that match how the back feels.  Dr. Dawes can palpate (examining parts of the body by touch) the mid back and get to the midsection and find it to be really tight between the shoulders.  Maybe he will ask the patient if he/she sits a lot or if they suffer from heartburn or indigestion.  Often times, the answer is, “Yes…How did you know that?”  What it comes down to is an educated guess because they are SO fixated in the region to where those nerves are going.

Often times, people will present with back pain and they are stiff through the mid vertebrae.  After being adjusted by Dr. Dawes, their heartburn is gone or their headaches have gone away.  In some cases we’ve seen asthma sufferers come to find it has dissipated.  They aren’t using inhalers anymore.  As we start working with the vertebrae, the nervous system is talking to the brain better and alleviating a lot of symptoms.   If the brain is having trouble communicating with an organ how is it going to work well?  That’s where chiropractic comes in!

Frequently, patients come in with specific pain but there is so much more that can be gained from having a properly functioning spine and spinal cord.  It’s truly amazing that back or neck pain is just tip of the iceberg.  The symptomatic relief that people tend to get when they start getting “freed up” is one of our favorite things that happen in our office.

If you have questions about a vertebral level or a weird symptom that hasn’t gone away give us a call. If you want to give chiropractic a try, or if you just want to come and chat with Dr. Dawes about it come on in to Stones River Chiropractic.  If you know someone that needs to hear this information and is experiencing symptoms that could be spinal related, feel free to share this video or have them give us a call and schedule a consult today!  To find more videos like this, check out our YouTube page.