Think back to when you started your chiropractic journey. Go on, I’ll wait… Did you respond well to treatment, but your original symptoms reappeared? Or Did you experience feelings of lightness or happiness or randomly began crying? How about, maybe after an adjustment you might have developed a rash or been a little sick to your stomach?
This phenomenon is called retracing.
 Retracing is the re-experiencing/reawakening of old symptoms including pain, memories, and even emotions. It can be a part of the healing experience but also a source of unnecessary concern. The act of retracing may come from being adjusted, but it also can be brought on by craniosacral therapy, homeopathy, psychotherapy, and more.
 Retracing can surface as a conscious memory or as old energy released in dreams. Weird right? Some chiropractic patients have noticed their dreams might become unusual, intense, or revealing after an adjustment. Occasionally patients, who through a particularly intense retracing, may feel like they are relapsing or getting worse. If this happens it is important to let Dr. Dawes know. It can pass quickly, but retracing has caused patients to stop seeing their chiropractor and miss out on all the benefits of chiropractic. Quitting while you are making such great improvements to your health only cheats YOU out of an opportunity for a complete recovery.
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