The Effects of Chiropractic in the Workforce

The Nissan plant is located close to Stones River Chiropractic in Middle Tennessee.  As a local provider’s office, we see many of the employees in our office daily.  Whether we are treating them for low back pain, neck or shoulder issues, carpal tunnel or lateral epicondylitis (aka tennis elbow) each patient is unique.  Working for such a large employer means many roles are played to keep the company functioning.  Jobs that include plant technicians, mechanics, and executives can be stressful and hard on the body.  Here are just a few examples of the people we are proud to call patients:

A paint plant tech started seeing Dr. Dawes, suffering from low back pain.  The pain would get worse with bending and better by sitting.  But honestly, who has time to sit?  The first time we saw this patient his pain level was a 4 out of 10.  The patient stuck to seeing Dr. Dawes on a regular basis, practicing his prescribed exercises when not in the office, and paying a little more attention to his body and its signs of discomfort.  After 2 months of consistency our patient is now reporting to our office for maintenance visits with no complaints!

Nissan plant employee came in to see Dr. Dawes complaining of low back pain.  He is a line tech who does vigorous bending and rotating on a regular basis.  The patient was taking his work home with him in the form of a compromised daily routine and exercise interference.  When we first began seeing our patient he was reporting his pain levels at a 5.  But through care and adjustment maintenance we are only seeing him twice a month and he is reporting his level at a 1!

A Nissan manager who works mostly in an office, in and out of meetings all day has been seeing Dr. Dawes for four years, originally coming in complaining of headaches.  The patient was looking for a chiropractor who was convenient to work and local.  She has learned to listen to her body if it has been too long since seeing her chiropractor.  The more consistent she is with her adjustments and exercise the fewer headaches and neck pain she experiences on a regular basis.  Visits with Dr. Dawes has taught her to be more in tune with her body and listen when it tells her something is “just not right.”

These are just a few examples of the people who walk through our door regularly from our local Nissan plant.  We are so thankful that they have chosen Stones River Chiropractic as a part of their healthcare team.  Watching our patients heal and learn how to provide relief for themselves is one of our favorite parts of this office!


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