What’s that Cracking Noise?

Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and synovial fluid are just three elements of that beautiful symphony you hear when Dr. James does an adjustment and makes your body go “POP!” Many people have seen themselves as a masterful knuckle cracker, but never truly have understood where the noises come from. 

Synovial fluid is the liquid that lubricates and surrounds the joints, allowing them to move smoothly. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide can become trapped inside the fluid and are released when the joint is taken to its end range.

Think about when you open a can of your favorite soda. As you pull the tab to the back and the bubbles rise to the top, a crisp, refreshing sound expels from the can inviting your taste buds to take a sip. This is the same reaction that the body experiences when receiving an adjustment.

Most of us do experience the “cracking” noise, however, many times these adjustments are silent, yet the desired outcome can still be achieved.

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*Feel free to check our video covering the  “cracking noise”  on our YouTube page

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