Who Needs Chiropractic Anyways?

We all know the OBVIOUS reason to see a chiropractor…PAIN.  Our office sees so many cases of neck pain, headaches, low & mid back issues, and then some. But did you know there are other reasons that adjustments are good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Increasing range of motion and correcting poor posture are great […]

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 Think back to when you started your chiropractic journey. Go on, I’ll wait… Did you respond well to treatment, but your original symptoms reappeared? Or Did you experience feelings of lightness or happiness or randomly began crying? How about, maybe after an adjustment you might have developed a rash or been a little sick to your

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What’s that Cracking Noise?

Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and synovial fluid are just three elements of that beautiful symphony you hear when Dr. James does an adjustment and makes your body go “POP!” Many people have seen themselves as a masterful knuckle cracker, but never truly have understood where the noises come from.  Synovial fluid is the liquid that lubricates and surrounds the joints,

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Why am I Shrinking?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get here at Stones River Chiropractic is, “Why am I shrinking?” Or, “Why has my grandfather or grandmother shrunk,” and, “Why are they shorter than they used to be?”  Well there are two common reasons for that: the structure of the discs in between the vertebrae have

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